Birth FAQ

//You've photographed your positive pregnancy test, and your beautiful growing baby bump.  You have journaled the first baby kicks, and shared your ultrasound photos with friends and family. But recording your pregnancy milestones doesn't have to stop at the hospital door.  In fact, the second you and your baby lock eyes for the first time may be the most monumental moment of your entire life.  This baby, this birth, will only happen once. Let’s capture that, and keep it forever.  Birth Photograph is my passion.  I absolutely love everything about it.  If you do decide to hire me as your photographer, I will be so proud and fortunate to be able to be there for you the day your baby is born.

Why hire a birth photographer?  

Giving birth will be undeniably one of the most remarkable times in your life.  Holding your baby for the first time is an extraordinary moment you will forever cherish, and I absolutely recommend having someone there to capture it to keep.  Hiring a birth photographer lets you focus entirely on your birth and your baby without having to worry about photographs.  It also lets you have the most important people in your life in front of the camera, instead of behind it.  Your family and friends should be able to enjoy this moment with you and be involved in the photographs.  Having an experienced birth photographer there will ensure the full story telling of your baby's journey into this world.  Opt out of those blurry camera phone photos, and hire a professional with the best experience with the highest quality equipment.  Having professional photos of the first moments of your baby's life are precious and irreplaceable.

How do you photograph births? 

I use the highest levels of discretion when photographing births.  My approach to photographing births is to be a very quiet and respectful observer.  I won't be in the room with you the whole time, nor shooting the entire time.  I will sometimes leave the room to give you privacy, and pop my head back in to take photos, and excuse myself if needed.  I will be unobtrusive and document the birth as best possible with the available lighting. I am also there to help if needed.  If you need more water, encouraging words, etc - I am more than happy to be the one to do it. Your friends and family attending the birth are more than welcomed to take pictures, but I ask that they give me priority so I can do what you've hired me to do.  I cannot be responsible for missing shots because family or friends interference. 

When do you show up?

 As soon as you know you are headed to the hospital or birth center, let me know.  If you are having a home birth, keep me updated on your progress.  I like to show up around 6/7cm dilated.  This gives me a good chance to be there prior to the little ones arrival and photograph everything leading up to the big moment.  I also like to stay for 1 hour after the arrival to capture your first moments together. 

How far in advance should we book our birth session with you?

Due to the nature of birth photography, I only take a select number of clients each month to insure availability and to minimize conflicts.  As soon as you are considering hiring a birth photographer, please contact me to make sure I am available during your due date.  The sooner I know your date, the more likely I will be available.  A signed contract and deposit will reserve your date. 

How much does birth photograph cost?

My current rate for birth packages are $500, with a non-refundable $100 due at the time of booking which goes towards your total cost.

Will we meet before the birth?

Most of my birth mothers & myself meet before the big day to talk about their birth plan. We can absolutely set up a meeting before your birth!  If you prefer to stay in contact through email/phone, that can be arranged as well.   

Will I have to get approval from my hospital?

Yes, it is your responsibility to get approval from the hospital, doctors, or midwives if a photographer is allowed to photograph the birth of your baby.  Please verify the official policies with your doctor/midwife and hospital/birth center, which might differ.  I have never had issues in the past, but you will still need to get permission before hand.  

What if I have a c-section?

No matter how your baby arrives into this world, it is worth documenting!  In the case of an emergency c-section or if you are having a scheduled c-section, you will need to find out if your hospital allows me to take photographs in the OR.  Some have a limit on the number of people, so they may not let photographers in.  Sometimes there are exceptions on a case by case basis, but it is never guaranteed that I will be allowed in.  In the event that I am not allowed into the OR, I will still be there to photograph everything leading up to the birth, and I will stay 1-2 hours after to capture your first moments together.  

What if there is an emergency?

If any event occurs that requires medical intervention or emergency treatment for you or your baby,  I might be asked to leave the delivery room for the remaining duration of your labor and delivery.  However, I will still be close by to capture photos of your family and friends waiting for your new arrival, and will return to shooting as the medical staff allows. Keep in mind that the most important thing is that you have a safe delivery, and ultimately your doctor and nurse’s job is more important than mine.  

What if you miss the birth?

In the unlikely event of me missing the birth due to unforeseen circumstances, all monies paid will be put towards your choice of a First 48 Session, or a Lifestyle Newborn/Family Session.  In the years I have photographed births, I haven’t missed one yet. 

What if I live outside of Humboldt County?

I am currently only booking births within the Humboldt County area.  

Will you post the photos on the internet?

With birth photography, I am very particular with the photos I share.  I always and ONLY post photos that are approved by you.  I never want to violate the trust between my clients and myself!  I will not, under any circumstance, share photos that are not first approved by you.  

How long will it take to receive my images?

Your private online gallery will be published within 4 weeks, but usually much sooner.  There, you will be able to view & share with family and friends, and download the high resolution digital files directly to your computer.  You will also be able to select the number of photos that are approved by you to be shared online, and in my portfolio.  

Will my photos be color or black and white?

I love the classic black and white photo.  Black and white photos tend to tell the complete story without having distracting color elements all around.  They just have that “feeling” to them.  However, your gallery will also include the color photographs.  

How do I book you?  

Please send me a message through my CONTACT page, and I would love to talk about capturing your birth story!

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