Josh + Paige // Married!

I was so excited to photograph the wedding of Josh + Paige who traveled thousands of miles with their best friends to elope in the Redwoods of Prairie Creek.  Here are my favorites!

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Photography : Kathleen Amelia Photographer // Officiant : Weddings in the Wild // Florals : Flora Organica

Chris + Brienne // Married!

Chris + Brienne traveled thousands of miles to elope under the Giants.  It was such a beautiful and intimate ceremony, and I was so happy to be a part of it.  Here are my favorites…

Kathleen Amelia Photography, Eureka CA Wedding Photography, Eureka CA Elopement Photography, Humboldt Wedding Photography, Humboldt Elopement Photography, Redwoods Wedding Photography, Redwoods Elopement Photography. Avenue of the Giants Wedding Photography.  

Photography : Kathleen Amelia Photographer // Officiant : Weddings in the Wild

The Birth of Emmett

I was completely elated when Amanda contacted me to photograph the birth of her son, Emmett.  This one was a bit extra special for me, and I am thrilled to share her story with all of you. 

//   When you get married, often times people immediately start asking when you’ll be having kids. While both my husband Justin and i knew that we wanted children, we also felt strongly about enjoying the phase of marriage before beginning our family. So we decided we wouldn’t even consider it for a year. When that one year mark rolled around we started discussing it and decided that i would stop taking birth control that fall, 2015, in hopes that by early spring we would be expecting. I had struggled with ovarian cysts for several years, and just knew it wouldn’t happen right away for us so we knew we shouldn’t expect it to happen right away, but when summer of 2016 hit and nothing had happened i just knew something was going on. While my OBGYN at home was fantastic(we switched back during our pregnancy and he truly is amazing) i felt like we needed a more aggressive approach and we began seeing a highly recommended doctor in Santa Rosa. He was a god send. Throughout this process, i look back and thank our lucky stars that we were sent to him! After an initial round of routine blood work and other tests it was found that i indeed, as i had feared, was not ovulating. So then the treatment options began and we were on our way to our family beginning! Only… not sofast. The first type of medication did absolutely nothing. After 5 months and 0 improvement we moved on to Clomid, the wonder of fertility meds. Typically if Clomid is going to work for you it happens in a matter of a couple months. We ultimately did 10 cycles of Clomid. Some with metformin, some with progesterone, some just on its own. While on the medication i underwent every single other type of homeopathic therapy possible from acupuncture to yoga to supplements to diet changes. We tried every method of tracking ovulation, along with blood work to confirm, and had all the fancy monitors. Some months i ovulated, others i did not. We upped the medication and still saw results some months and not others. We had our very first positive pregnancy test during this time, but saw the faint positive disappear within two days ending in a chemical pregnancy. All throughout we had made a promise to one another that we wouldn’t allow this journey to control our lives. Infertility can be excruciatingly painful, and also so tiring and exhausting for a relationship and as much as we desired to have a family, we refused to let something that was not promised to us ruin our marriage, which was a reality (and a beautiful one at that!). In october of 2017 i started to hit my breaking point. 9 cycles of Clomid in and feeling as though we were knocking on IVF’s door, i paid a visit to my OB while traveling back from photographing a wedding in Fresno. I walked down the hall to the exam room and sat down on the table feeling defeated for the first time during this journey. it had been two years since i went off birth control, and while i knew things could be worse, i just felt as though it might never happen. As someone who’s eternally optimistic, this was a dark place for me to be. My OB immediately noticed my demeanor and as he asked where we wanted to go from here i informed him that i needed a break for my sanity. Justin and i had made the decision to finish out the cycle we were on and then take a break over the holidays. I needed some time to just focus on other things before we committed to moving forward with IUI or IVF in the new year and we decided it would be best if we just enjoyed a couple months together. Our sweet OB hugged me and told me he 100% supported ourdecision and that he would see us in january to figure out our new plan moving forward. Just a short two weeks later i arrived home from a work trip feeling exhausted and moody. I had a meltdown upon arriving home to find that one of our pet chickens had died, was snippy throughout my evening work meeting that night, and couldn’t stomach my usual glass of wine before bed. That next morning like i had done hundreds of times before i decided what the heck, i’ll take a test. I peed on the stick and walked away because i knew it would be negative and for some reason it was easier to stomach if i didn’t watch that pesky one line pop up. I came back into the bathroom with my mug of coffee about a minute later and didn’t even look at the test right away, knowing it would be negative and i just was not ready to ruin my morning yet. But as i reached for my hairbrush i caught a glimpse of not one, but two beautiful, glorious, god sent lines. If you’ve ever heard a teenage girl scream at a justin bieber concert, imagine that x 100000 and you have the noise that escaped my mouth. I was elated to see two strong, vibrant lines but worried that they would disappear like before. Somehow, some way, after so many cycles of the same thing over and over the stars aligned for us and everything finally worked. With a little bit of science, a lot of love and some help from above, our dream was coming true! After telling my husband the big news we called ourOB who asked to see us in just two weeks to confirm our excitement. I have never stared at a computer screen so hard in my life as we did that day, the first time we saw our little peanut of a baby and it all became real. i’m pretty sure every person in the room, including the medical assistants, were teary eyed. It was pure magic. Throughout our pregnancy we felt beyond blessed, and even at the end as i was having twice weekly non stress tests for high blood pressure, i felt so amazing. Pregnancy was truly a special and memorable time for us, and i enjoyed every minute!My doctor chose to induce me while we were attending a non stress test on a sunday morning just one day shy of 39 weeks. i was dilated to 2 and having contractions on my own and he felt like it would move quickly from there. 36 hours later however we were sent home and it was declared a “failed induction” (boooo). My doctor then placed a foley catheter (google it, its a thing) to manually dilate me and jump start active labor on wednesday morning. Throughout the day i had steady contractions and the next morning it popped out and we headed in to see the doctor once again. He checked me, and let us know that he was leaving for a trip the next day but that he was insistent on delivering our baby himself so we were off to labor and delivery yet again! The short drive from his office to St. Joseph Hospital was filled with excitement as we knew this had to be it! We were checked in, i was given one more dose of cytotec and at 5:30pm my water was broken. Due to extremely low platelet levels i was given an epidural just incase of an emergency c-section. i don’t want to brag but it was the BEST epidural ever. After hearing so many horror stories, i couldn’t have asked for a better experience!I could feel my legs and move around in bed on my own and still feel every contraction, but had the edge taken off. I labored throughout the night and in the morning was dilated to 9! At 9:30AM we were given the green light to start pushing and just 32 minutes later at 10:02 AM our sweet, healthy baby boy, Emmett Paul made his wide eyed entry into this world. I was floored at how quickly he came, and cried throughout the pushing stage at the excitement and overwhelming feelings of knowing how soon we would meet him. As our little man was placed on my chest the biggest tears of love, and relief flooded down my face. With my husbands hands on my head and our little man in my arms the past pain we had felt in our season of waiting drifted away, and all i could feel was this overwhelming feeling of fulfillment. We were blessed and humbled by our birth experience, while that week was long, our labor and delivery wound up being so much more amazing and beautiful than either of us could’ve ever imagined. We are forever grateful for our OBGYN in Santa Rosa, Dr. Sacher, our OBGYN here at home in humboldt, Dr. Stokes, the amazing staff of nurses and midwives at St. Joseph Hospital, and all of our friends, family, and supporters for encouraging us, taking care ofus and making our journey and experience so memorable. To anyone who is in a season of waiting, we wish you all the love in the world- don’t ever give up on fighting for the dream that you have, it could quite literally be only a few weeks away from coming true. The memories that we have from our birth experience are nothing short of truly amazing, and we are so thankful to have had it all beautifully captured by Kathleen Amelia.

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