Emily’s Bridal Shower

I was fortunate to be able to travel to Reno through the snow to attend my sisters Emily’s bridal shower.  My sister Aimee did an amazing job transforming her home into the perfect place for the gathering.  A lot of love and care went into the planning of this event, and it was apparent to all in attendance.  Congratulations to Emily & Chris, I cannot wait for your wedding in May.  There are a lot of vendors that need to be thanked…

Cupcakes: Buttercream Bliss //  Muffins:  My Favorite Muffin //  Quiche:  Our dad, Ron Brown.  Flowers: Costco //  Decor:  Aimee Manders with help from Chip Smithson & Megan Pliske McKinlay //  Signs:  TJ Maxx & Michaels //  Photo Booth supplies from Hobby Lobby made by Aimee Manders.

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Chris + Emily // Engaged!

It is always an honor photographing my family.  It is extra special when it is your own sister.  My sister is engaged to a pretty awesome guy, Chris.  It makes me so incredibly happy to see them so in love.

I asked my sister to tell us how, in her own words, it felt when Chris asked her to marry him.

//  “Chris and I both work night shift, him as a police officer and me as a 911 dispatcher. He asked if I could take a picture of him and his team underneath the Reno Arch after I got off work at 3:00 am on June 12, 2017. I agreed but as I drove down to the arch it was rainy and windy. Chris asked me to get out and take a picture with him while we waited for one of his teammates. I told him no three times. It was 38 degrees outside (highly unusual for this time of year) and I told him it was freezing. He had to kind of pull me out of the car while I still tried to resist. Six officers stood in front of their vehicles waiting on me. We get over to the arch and I’m trying to fix my hair and smile while one of best friends was taking a picture (and video it turns out) and ok finally the pic is done I assume and I turn towards Chris and next thing I know he’s on his knee and blurts out “will you marry me”? I was very very very surprised and caught off guard. He had a beautiful ring to give me but had to remind me to say yes lol! I was still trying to compose myself into what was actually happening :) The guys clapped and shouted and I cried and Chris picked me up kissed my head and said he loved me. It was perfect! We already had a trip planned to Las Vegas the next day and got to celebrate there.”

Congratulations to my beautiful sister Emily & her fiancé Chris.  I cannot wait to be a part of your perfect day.

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// Hello, Friend…

Well, it has been an entire year.  An entire year since I did this thing called photography on my own.  I am super excited to announce that I am back.  Thank you to everyone who has supported me over the last 10 years.  Hello and Welcome to my photography page.  Wow, it feels good saying that :)

//Kathleen Amelia is a Wedding Photographer located in Northern California based in Eureka, CA.

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